Red pesto penne with courgettes, olives, tomatoes and almonds
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about our partnership

Most ready meals are low in fibre, high in salt and often high in sugar and saturated fats, too. Heart Research UK, the charity whose mission is 'Until there are no more deaths from heart diseases', has identified a range of Field Doctor ready meals that support good heart health.

Each meal in the collection contains a healthy dose of fibre, which is an essential part of a heart healthy diet, and they don’t contain unhealthy levels of salt, sugar, or saturated fat. What’s more, all Field Doctor meals are made with extra virgin olive oil and many of them contain nuts and seeds for those all-important heart healthy fats.

Our goal is to promote and raise money for Heart Research UK through sales of a heart healthy range of meals. 10p per meal from this collection will be donated directly to Heart Research UK to fund research.

heart research UK says...

“Whilst cooking from scratch is best, we understand that people live busy lives and sometimes a quick option is needed. Healthy ready meals can support people with their health goals by providing time-efficient meals, and having some healthy options in the freezer can deter those last-minute fast-food orders. This is why we are delighted to partner with Field Doctor who offer heart-healthy options for those times when cooking from scratch isn’t an option.” - Dr. Helen Flaherty, Director of Health Promotion and Education

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