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“Food is the single strongest lever to optimize human health and environmental sustainability on Earth.” EAT Lancet Report, 2019

sustainability at our core

Here at Field Doctor we believe in the nutritious power of the natural ingredients packed into our food. But we also want to tread lightly on the earth and minimise our impact wherever possible. 


We don’t just strive to bring the goodness of the fields onto your plate, but our meal design, cooking choices, the fact we freeze our meals and the packaging and delivery methods are all careful and chosen with sustainability at the forefront of our mind. 


made with more plants

Plant power is the driving force behind our nutritionally-curated, health-boosting recipes, and we use as many different plant types as possible across our meals. 

There is also growing evidence of the planetary benefits of a more plant-based diet  reduced greenhouse gas emissions and habitat destruction – compared to a meat heavy diet. 

meat - quality over quantity

Plant proteins form the backbone of many of our meals, for your health and for the health of our planet. But where we do use animal protein, we ensure it is always good quality and from happy animals farmed in a sustainable way.

Our grass-fed beef and free-range chickens are reared on local farms that care about animal welfare (free-range and no unnecessary antibiotic use). Our fish is British-landed fresh fish and is MSC certified. 

better suppliers

We’re proud to work with British farmers who encourage sustainable practices.

Castlemead Poultry

Our free range chicken comes from local supplier Castlemead.




BBC Food & Farming Awards Best Food Producer winner, one of our suppliers of seeds and pulses. 


frozen for a reason

Each year UK households waste 4.5m tonnes of food. We chose to freeze our meals because it can help to cut down on this food waste. Research has shown frozen food generates 47% less food waste at home than non-frozen food.  

Flash freezing also locks in nutrition and flavour so our meals taste just as good in your kitchen as they do in ours. And there’s no compromise on your time either, as our meals can be cooked straight from the freezer (in microwave or oven) when time is limited.

field doctor working for a greener future

At Field Doctor we believe in the ideal of regenerative agriculture: a method of farming centered on the health of the soil and the notion of a self-nourishing ecological system that benefits the whole environment. 

We are members of LEAF, a sustainable farming charity dedicated to promoting the practice of integrated farming management. By supporting their work, and that of other ecologically-minded independent producers, we hope that better farming methods become industry benchmarks, improving the quality of the soil - and all that we yield from it.  

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