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food + mood plan guide

Thank you for signing up to our Food + Mood meal plan. Here are some tips and suggestions to support you over the next 2 weeks based on scientific evidence from Deakin University's Food and Mood Centre*

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At field doctor we are passionate about eating good, real food based can help improve your mental wellness and help you feel better. There is a lot of science to back this up, and our food + mood plan is based on scientific advice from Deakin University’s Food and Mood Centre*


As well as eating our meals and following the plan we recommend reading the following resources that support and inform as well as some other nutrition and lifestyle nudges you can make this year to feel better and live more. Read on below.

*Deakin’s University’s Food and Mood Centre provide scientific advice in relation to evidence based research outputs that have informed the development/modification of the Field Doctor product range.

Wholemeal sourdough + eggs


1-2 slices of wholemeal sourdough bread

2 eggs

10g mixed nuts (optional)


Prepare the eggs in your preferred method, though recommendation for poached or soft boiled

Overnight oats / porridge 1


Portion porridge / oats (50g) 
200ml yogurt or kefir

30g dry fruit

10g mixed nuts

10g coconut flakes


Prepare porridge / oats + dry fruit, nuts and coconut flakes overnight in 200ml of yogurt / kefir

Overnight oats / porrige 2


Portion porridge / oats (50g) 
200ml yogurt or kefir

20g chia seeds

10g mixed nuts

Portion of fruit


Prepare porridge / oats + seeds overnight in 200ml of yogurt / kefir and top with nuts + fruit in the morning

Morning Snack - yogurt + fruit


200g greek yogurt or kefir

+ portion of fruit


Morning Snack - nuts and seed mix


30g mixed nut and seed mix

Morning snack - drink + dried fruit

Hot chocolate or milky tea

+ 30g dried fruit

Afternoon Snack - drink + museli bar


Tea or coffee with milk

+ museli bar

Afternoon Snack - yogurt /kefir


200g Greek yogurt /kefir

+ optional berries


Afternoon Snack - museli bar


Museli bar or wholegrain crackers

Evening Snack - drink + fruit


Tea or coffee with milk

+ 30g dried fruit

Evening Snack - yogurt + fruit


200g Greek yogurt / kefir

+ 1/2 cup berries

Evening Snack - Hot Chocolate


Hot chocolate made with milk + cocoa

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