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low FODMAP guide

Thank you for signing up to our low FODMAP meal plan. Here are some tips and suggestions to support you over the next 2 weeks. 

your low FODMAP plan guide


The low FODMAP diet has been shown to help 3 out of 4 people suffering from IBS symptoms, if done properly.


Here is some information about the low FODMAP diet to help make your experience a little easier


before you start

10 things to know when starting the low FODMAP diet 



low FODMAP food guide

Download this app to help you navigate high and low FODMAP foods



low FODMAP diet webinar

The low FODMAP diet basics explained by FODMAP trained dietitians  




Food + symptom diary

Keeping a diary can help you spot patterns that might be linked with your IBS symptoms. 



tips for reading labels

Here are some tips to help you spot FODMAPs on a label.




see a dietitian

There is always help if you need it. You can arrange an appointment with our dietitian Cristy to get some personalised guidance. 


more info

Please get in touch if we can help with anything – just drop us an email to

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon 

2 eggs

50g smoked salmon

½ tsp butter

Suitable low FODMAP toast

(please see Monash FODMAP app for suggestions)  

Bio & Me FODMAP friendly granola

One serving of granola 

Lactose free milk 


bio and me

Omelette with feta and tomatoes 

2 egg omelette 

4 chopped cherry tomatoes on top 

20g of feta crumbled on top 

Boiled eggs and soldiers 

2 eggs 

½ tsp butter

1 slice of suitable low FODMAP toast

(please see Monash FODMAP app for suggestions)  

Lactose free yogurt with berries and seeds 

100g lactose free yogurt of your choice 

40g blueberries 

40g raspberries 

10g pumpkin seeds 

Banana, cinnamon porridge 

60g Gluten free porridge cooked with 160ml of water or lactose free milk

50-80g sliced banana 

Cinnamon sprinkled on top

Maple syrup & seeds porridge 

60g Gluten free porridge cooked with 160ml of water or lactose free milk 


Add 10g pumpkin seeds after cooking 

Sprinkle some maple syrup on top 

Fody cereal bars

see more

Gutfulness bar


see more

40g popcorn

(avoid any flavours, just a little salt) 

2 Gluten free Nairns ginger biscuits


see more 

1 plain rice cake with plain cottage cheese

(up to 40g cottage cheese is fine) 

20g Almonds 

Kiwi (up to 150g is fine)

Peeled mandarin (up to 150g is fine)

Peeled orange (up to 130g is fine)

Carrot sticks (up to 75g is fine)

Cucumber sticks (up to 75g is fine)

Fodilicious cookie buttons


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Fodbods bars


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