Resource hub

Here are a range of resources you might find useful in your low FODMAP journey.

Sample Meal Plan

Click on the link below to see a one-day sample meal plan which would be suitable during FODMAP elimination.

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NHS IBS webinars

If you haven’t been able to access support from a dietitian to help you on your FODMAP journey, you might find these patient webinars from the NHS helpful.

They are all led by specialist NHS Gastroenterology Dietitians. Webinar 3 ‘The Low FODMAP Diet’ is a 60-minute recording which gives a detailed overview of the diet and how it works.  

watch the webinars

The Monash FODMAP app

We recommend downloading the Low FODMAP Diet App from Monash University to support your low FODMAP journey.

From the researchers who developed the diet, it includes a comprehensive guide to the foods which are low and high in FODMAPs and over 80 recipes. Use this in addition to our FODMAP directory to learn about the FODMAP content of the foods you usually eat.

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If you need some inspiration for low FODMAP meals, check out these recipes curated by our Development Chef Matt.

If you need more ideas, here are some of our favourite places to look:

Low FODMAP Directory

use this quick reference guide to learn which everyday foods are high and low in FODMAPs. For information on a wider range of foods, use the MONASH app.

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