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good gut health

Dietitian designed, healthy meals developed specifically to support good gut health. 

good gut health

Dietitian designed, healthy meals developed specifically to support good gut health. 

Available Nationally January 2021

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field doctor favourites

meals for gut diversity

Research has shown that people who ate a greater variety of plant types had a more diverse gut microbiome which is linked with better gut health. 

Our meals consist of specific whole food ingredient combinations (extra virgin olive oil, vegetables, nuts and seeds, wholegrains or pulses) to provide a variety of fibre sources, prebiotics and ‘bioactivesthat nourish different microbes. 

the highest amount of supportable health claims in any UK meal range

dietitian x chef

Our dietician Sasha and head chef Matt select sustainably sourced, natural ingredients and turn them into delicious, quick meals that deliver real health benefits.

made & delivered

We prep and cook in our small kitchen in Weston-super-Mare. Then the meals are flash frozen on-site to lock in the goodness and delivered direct to your team by ours.

you heat & enjoy

Your team can pick from a range of meals curated suit their health goals and dietary needs. All of our meals can be cooked from around 5 minutes, so none of your team's time is wasted.

field doctor favourites

teriyaki salmon + whole grain rice

potato topped chicken pie

smokey chipotle meatballs

sweet potato + spinach korma



For more information on FODMAPs and IBS, visit the Monash University website.

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No compromise

Full of flavour, wholesome ingredients, good quality meat & sustainably sourced fish.

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Backed by science

The low FODMAP diet is backed by a body of good-quality research and recognised by the NHS.


See a dietitian

Unsure if you have IBS or what you should eat? Contact a trained dietitian for more guidance on the diet.

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field doctor favourites

plant diversity bundle

chicken jalfrezi

beef + quinoa meatballs

malaysian tofu curry

lookout for the diversity icon on our meals

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