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fodmap elimination programme

The low FODMAP diet is one of the most effective therapies for managing IBS symptoms.

We've designed our 6 week programme to make the process of FODMAP elimination easier.

Join dietitian Laura Tilt and co-founder Alex Brooks on our online Q+A webinar on December 29th to find out more about the programme and ask a question.

The programme launches in January 2024.

see if it's right for you

what we'll cover in the webinar

Join us for a 20-minute Q+A Webinar on Friday December 29th, with our Dietitian Laura and Co-founder of Field Doctor Alex. We’ll introduce Field Doctor, tell you a bit about the FODMAP diet and explain how our programme works.

We'll also cover the options for joining and answer your questions.

join our low FODMAP programme

Our low FODMAP programme will help you identify if your gut is sensitive to FODMAPs. We’ll guide you through the elimination phase first, through our weekly lessons and resources. Our meal planner and recipes will help you stay on track, but you’ll also have the option to add our delicious low FODMAP meals to your programme.
As you move through the weeks our symptom tracker and journal will help you track any changes in your IBS symptoms, helping you decide how long to continue for. And if the diet is successful in improving your symptoms, we’ll guide you onto the next stage; reintroductions.

your programme includes

  • a step-by-step guide to the FODMAP diet
  • Education and tips around lifestyle approaches that can also reduce IBS symptoms
  • IBS symptom checker and journal
  • Recipes, meal planner and advice on cooking and shopping for a low FODMAP diet
  • Option to add 1-2 dietitian designed low fodmap meals a day, delivered weekly or fortnightly

written and developed with FODMAP expertise

Our programme content has been developed by Laura, a Registered Dietitian and health writer, specialising in gut health and IBS. She's a certified low FODMAP specialist having completed FODMAP training with Kings College London in 2014 and Monash University in 2020. Laura has guided hundreds of people with IBS through the low FODMAP diet and has used her experience to help build our programme.

from our kitchen to yours

Our delicious low FODMAP meals are crafted in our Somerset kitchen using ingredients from our sustainably-focused producers. Our food is packed with flavour, nutrients, health benefits, without the FODMAPs, then flash-frozen to lock-in freshness.

The meals are certified low FODMAP by Monash University.

what others are saying...

"Field Doctor is a game changer"

"I tried Field Doctor low FODMAP meals for the first time a few months ago and since then they have been pretty essential to my life. I haven't been able to cook very much and as someone with IBS, they have been a life saver. Their service is excellent and I have never had any issues and they have returned convenience to my life. I would 100% recommend anyone try them at least once!" - Em, Trustpilot

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