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Preparing for a healthy January?

HCPC Registered Dietitian Mei Wan discusses the benefits of preparing for a healthy January

Take home message... 


  1. Preparing for January can be a great way to ensure you have a successful start to the new year from day one.
  2. Take the time during the quiet Twixmas period to reflect on the past year and what you would like to do differently.
  3. Think of small realistic changes you can make instead of reinventing the whole wheel.

Why it matters to prepare for a healthy January


As the new year approaches, we can be faced with a mixture of feelings...the worry of going back to work, the lack of motivation to get back into the health swing of things and just the general feeling that it’s still dark and cold (depending on where you’re reading this from)... January can feel really daunting or stressful when thinking about making health changes. There are health messages everywhere you look plus friends/family are probably all talking about life or health changes they want to make. We’re going to talk about to take the pressure off and how you can ease your way into the new year by the following tips. 

Practical tips


Practical tips  

  1. Pop the kettle on, make that warming brew, sit down and take a deep breath....ahhh, now that’s better! In this state of mindfulness and comfort, take the opportunity to put your thoughts on paper. What would you like to change this year? What could you improve your health?
  2. Think small but mighty! What appears as a small change could mean great changes in the future, especially if you stick to it. Remember ‘one small step, one giant leap for health’
  3. To help you keep on track of things, you may want to track your progress by treating yourself to a dedicated journal and there are lots of digital apps where you can log things too.
  4. You could see this as the ultimate self-care challenge for 365 days. How can I be 1% better each day?
  5. Interestingly, when you have a (flexible) plan, it may help you to save money by avoiding last-minute purchases. When you have a plan in mind, it's usually easier to make mindful decisions.

Final thoughts...


It seems as though planning in advance could help to support your intentions for the new year.

They don’t need to big, scary or hairy goals either!

‘’A dream without a plan is just a wish.’’

Why not make some of your wishes come true by making a plan.  

Mei Wan BSc (Hons), RD, MBDA

HCPC Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist

IG: @dietitian.mei

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