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Sustainability At Field Doctor

Field Doctor is on a journey to ensure that as a business we make a positive and holistic impact, not just on the health of the people who eat and enjoy our food, but also in the wider world.


We believe that better business practices can help with behaviour change; by assessing and improving our behaviour as a business, we hope to help consumers make more planet friendly choices. We also endeavour to listen to our customers- all of the time, and be open to change in our working practices. We believe that by joining forces with consumers and with other businesses and organisations, we can make a real and positive impact.  


What are we doing?


We’ve already made commitments on ingredient and material sourcing as well as production and delivery, focusing on a transparent supply chain that shares our values and that works to reduce its carbon footprint. We support responsible and sustainable farming and the elimination of harmful chemicals and additives. Field Doctor is a proud member of the organisation LEAF (Linking Environment and farming) which works with farmers, scientists and consumers to inspire and enable more sustainable practices.


By having the best supply chain possible, we can also extend the impact of our behaviour beyond the finite limits of Field Doctor as a business, into the food industry as a whole. Food production and farming has a large carbon footprint so we’re under no illusions about the challenges we face. The produce that we buy has an impact on the wellbeing of our customers, as well as the environment and the lives of the people involved in growing and farming. We work hard to ensure we have a short supply chain and that the food we buy has come to us directly and transparently from trusted suppliers. This gives us the chance to build meaningful relationships with these suppliers and producers too.

Where can we improve?


As a start up business we are constantly striving to improve our consumer experience as well as the traceability of our ingredients and the eco credentials of our packaging and production processes as we grow. Our core principles of seeking a triple bottom line; profit, people and planet, will help guide us to make continual improvements and investments towards a sustainable future.  

Matt Williamson Head Chef

Matt has headed kitchens in Michelin Star restaurants, award-winning pubs and bijou pop-ups whilst travelling the world learning about food. Matt is a passionate ambassador for food education and encourages healthy eating and positive life-long habits.

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