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Weight loss tips for success

HCPC Registered Dietitian Mei Wan reflects on key weight loss advice for successful results 

Take home message... 


Your weight loss journey is unique to you so choose sustainable approaches to support your goals. If you’re constantly hungry whilst trying to get healthier, something is not rightconsider seeking professional advice from a Registered Dietitian or Registered Nutritionist for support. 

Find Your Why 


Write down your reasons (not your doctor’s, your dietitian’s, your partner’s or your mum’s reasons!) about why you want to lose weight.

For example, to feel more energised, to live longer to be able to see your grandchildren grow up, or to feel more confident. Knowing your why’s will help you through the days when motivation is low. 

Monitor Your Progress 


Consider using monitoring tools such as bodyweight scales, tape measure (for waist circumference) and a food diary (via an app, on your mobile phone or simply on paper).

If any monitoring tool makes you feel obsessed with your progress, then stop and do an inventory check – ultimately, you want to feel in control but not overthinking to the extent that you can’t feel relaxed. 

Make Protein A Feature 


Ensure to have protein with each meal or as part of a snack as this helps with satiety.

Choose from animal-based protein (lean cuts of white or red meat, low fat dairy, and (oily) fish) or plant-based protein (tofu, beans, pulses and other soya based products). 

Fuel With Fibre    


If you can, eat fibre with each meal or as part of a snack as this helps you feel fuller for longer. Aim to eat lots of differently coloured vegetables for their unique micronutrients. 



Drink plenty of (plain) water throughout the day. Keeping hydrated assists with satiety and your weight loss goals. 

If you find drinking water a bit boring, try herbal teas, cold water infusion tea bags or simply thinly slice some lemons and limes and let that steep overnight in a large jug of water overnight – hey presto, naturally flavoured water!

Be mindful     


‘’You are what you eat’’ as the saying goes but are you aware of what you ate? Or what you just snacked on? Mindful eating can help you slow down, be present with your food and appreciate your meals.

Instead of looking at your phone or watching a Netflix series, why not try eating in peace and see how this changes the way you eat. Mindful eating may not always suit social occasions, but you can always take one, deep breath in before you start eating... 

Consider Meal Planning 


By planning your meals in advance, you’re less likely to order a takeaway when you’re tired or hungry or make decisions that don’t support your weight loss goals.

Restaurant menus with nutritional profiles are widely available online so if you know where you’re going for that meal out, it might be worth having a look in advance to see which options are healthier for you.  

Be Your Own Best Friend 


Motivation fluctuates so try to focus on changes in your health behaviours rather than just the number on the scale. Write down all the positive changes that you have made for yourself and note down what you still need to work on.

Never, ever attribute your weight to your self-worth – if you notice this occurring, consider taking a break from weighing yourself and focus all your hard work so far. 

Incorporate Ways To Keep Your Body (And Mind) Moving  


This could be a walk before you start working from home or your favourite spin class after you’ve been in the office.

Be mindful of how much time you’re seated down and find ways to be active. Whatever your choice of movement, mark it in your diary and commit to it – think to yourself, if this was an appointment with the Doctor, would I miss it? 

Cultivate A Resilient Mindset 


We know that life can throw us (sometimes huge) curveballs...elderly parents becoming unwell, rising costs of living, feelings of stress and overwhelm, or feeling stuck...accepting these challenges and looking for solutions and the good in what you do can support your weight loss goals.  

Bonus Tip - Don’t Do It Alone  


Research has shown that individuals that ask for help and receive support are more likely to be successful in achieving their goals. Always check if the expert is a Registered Dietitian or a Registered Nutritionist.  

Mei Wan BSc (Hons), RD, MBDA

HCPC Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist

IG: @dietitian.mei

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