Welcome to Week 5 of Your Low FODMAP Journey:  

Let's look at what you need to do this week

By Laura Tilt

Congratulations on reaching Week 5 of our Low FODMAP Programme!  

You have reached the final two weeks of FODMAP elimination. We're guessing this means your symptoms have improved since the program started, which is great news.

The Week Ahead: 

During the final two weeks of FODMAP elimination keep teaming your Field Doctor meals with your own low FODMAP choices. If you haven't opted for meals, keep making all of your choices for meals and snacks low FODMAP.

As you’re now a FODMAP graduate, you might feel more comfortable cooking your own low FODMAP meals or planning a meal out.

Quick tip: You can eat your Field Doctor meals during reintroduction too. So, if you have any meals leftover, you’ll be able to use them as you move onto the next stage.  

Under the microscope; the gut microbiome

Over in the education hub this week we’re looking at the gut microbiome and its relationship with IBS.

We'll also be looking at the impact of probiotics and prebiotics and giving you some tips on how to use them.

FODMAP reintroduction  

Next week we’ll explain more about FODMAP reintroduction and how you can get started.

Reintroduction will help you to understand how specific FODMAP groups impact your symptoms. It'll give you the information you need to maintain symptom control long-term and help you add high FODMAP foods back to your diet.  

We're here to help

Remember, you're not navigating this journey alone. If you have questions or need guidance, our support team is here for you. Reach out to us by e-mailing hello@fielddoctor.co.uk and one of our team will get back to you.